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Considering CNTE Blockades in Chiapas

Posted by Katie Schlechter – MA Candidate at CLACS / Global Journalism at NYU


Trucks halted by the CNTE teachers’ union blockade on a highway in northern Chiapas. (Photo: Katie Schlechter)

To get to the La 72 migrant shelter in Tenosique, Mexico, I had to fly to Villahermosa, and then take a bus across the state, passing through the northern tip of Chiapas near along the way. Upon arrival in Tabasco, I learned that many buses weren’t taking this route due to highway blockades in the Chiapas portion of the highway.

The blockades are part of the unrest that has rocked southern Mexico since I arrived at the beginning of June. The largest teacher’s union in the region, the CNTE, has been taking to the streets to protest education reform measures recently taken up by the government. The discussion here is similar to education reform debates in the United States: one side says that many teachers are not effective and should therefore be evaluated based on the performance of their students on standardized tests and the other side criticizes the state for cutting funding to education and sees the reforms as a way to shift the blame of a struggling education system from the state’s lack of resource allocation to the professional shortcomings of the teachers.

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CLACS-Pan American International High School Exchange: Presentation of Final Projects

Oscar - CLACS

Oscar Chico presents Che Guevara’s foquismo theory of Guerilla Warfare

On Friday, January 22nd eleventh graders from the Pan-American International High School (PAIHS) in Elmhurst, Queens presented their final projects for a class on Latin American history and culture to a roundtable of CLACS-affiliated students and faculty.

Mauricio - CLACS

Mauricio Gamarra presents his work on the Bolivian “Water Wars – Cochabamba”

The innovative course, created by PAIHS teacher Carly Fox and Make the Road organizer Natalia Aristizabal and entitled “Resistance in the Americas”, was developed with support from CLACS’ growing K-12 Outreach program. Over the course of the fall semester, several PhD candidates from NYU’s Department of History delivered guest lectures on topics ranging from Perón’s rise to power in Argentina to the evolving movement for Indigenous Rights.

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