Welcome 2017 CLACS MA Cohort!

Big smiles and enthusiasm in the air characterized the mood this week as we welcomed our 2017 cohort with a series of events beginning  Monday, August 28. From registering to class and meeting advisors, to familiarizing with the Latin American and Caribbean City of New York, these activities were designed to help our new cohortContinue reading “Welcome 2017 CLACS MA Cohort!”

New Yorkpi, Tayta Paypa Ususin ima Runasimimanta Rimashanku

Kay podcastpi, huk tayta paypa ususin ima runasimimanta rimashanku. Paykuna Perumanta kanku, ichaqa ña wakin watakunaña New Yorkpi tishanku. Tayta runasimita rimayta atin, ichaqa paypa ususin mana atinchu. Paykuna imaraykumanta rimashanku. En este podcast, un padre y su hija hablan sobre su uso del idioma quechua. Son del Perú, pero ya desde hace unos añosContinue reading “New Yorkpi, Tayta Paypa Ususin ima Runasimimanta Rimashanku”

Thinking Through Milanich’s Children of Fate in Contemporary Times

By Amanda Sommer Lotspike, MA candidate at CLACS “No Charges Filed Against Off-Duty LAPD Officer,” the headline reads. A video shows a grown white man bearing a gun, clutching the shirt of a child. Another grown white man stands away with his hands in his pockets, while children rush to support the child, who is beingContinue reading “Thinking Through Milanich’s Children of Fate in Contemporary Times”

NYU’s Kalman Silvert: Engaging Latin America, Building Democracy Event Re-cap

CLACS wants to thank all those who attended our 50th Anniversary Inaugural Reception and book talk that celebrated the contributions of Latin Americanist and founding CLACS Director Dr. Kalman Silvert. Silvert’s family and scholars scholars including Jorge Balán, Abraham F. Lowenthal, Chris Mitchell, Martin Weinstein were among those who joined us in the celebration. The panelists presented the book “KalmanContinue reading “NYU’s Kalman Silvert: Engaging Latin America, Building Democracy Event Re-cap”

Farewell 2014-2015 CLACS Cohort

Yesterday the CLACS 2014-2015 cohort presented their final projects of the Masters’ program. With the guidance and support of the Faculty, the students presented on a vast array of disciplines, from anthropology and journalism to literature and museology, providing an innovative look at topics related to Latin American and Caribbean Studies with impressive depth. Their research covered topicsContinue reading “Farewell 2014-2015 CLACS Cohort”

The State of Indigenous Peoples of Chile in Film and Conversation

On December 3rd and 4th, CLACS will host “wüne adngen/la imagen antes de la imagen: A Showcase of Indigenous Films from Chile.” This one of a kind event, aims at promoting a discussion on the state of the past, present, and future of the indigenous peoples of Chile. It will feature six shorts, from fictionContinue reading “The State of Indigenous Peoples of Chile in Film and Conversation”

Iskay waynuchukuna ayllunkupi raymikunanmanta riqsirichiwanchik

Ignacio Acebo Wañuma baja-Sucremanta, Mario Agredataq Tikirpaya-Cochabambamanta. Paykuna ayllukunankupi raymikunamanta willariwanchik. Ignaciop ayllunpiqa iskay jatun raymikuna raymichakun, jukninqa rupha mit’api “Carnaval” juknintaq chiri mit’api “Tata Santiago” Carnavalpiqa tukuy runakuna pachamamaman, wak’akunaman q’uwanku ch’allaykurinku ima ñin. Chantapis achkha mikhunata wakichinku, tukuy mikhuntutaq tusunkutaq. Chiri mit’api raymitaq rikhuriq tata Santiagop sutinpi ruwakun. Achkha tusuqkuna may sumaqta tusunku.Continue reading “Iskay waynuchukuna ayllunkupi raymikunanmanta riqsirichiwanchik”

Congrats! You’ve Been Accepted to CLACS- Now What?

Congratulations on your acceptance to CLACS at NYU! You’ve been accepted to a challenging and enriching interdisciplinary program with amazing professors and students in one of the most extraordinary cities in the world. You’re probably beyond excited for this opportunity and eager to get started, but you may not be sure just yet if thisContinue reading “Congrats! You’ve Been Accepted to CLACS- Now What?”