The Second 2020 Teaching Fellows Session – #MotherTonguesUnited: What Historically Undervalued Languages Teach Us About Freedom

by Marchita Primavera, CLACS MA Candidate On Saturday, October 10 we had our second session of the Teaching Fellows program where we enjoyed a great discussion and presentation titled #MotherTonguesUnited: What Historically Undervalued Languages Teach Us About Freedom. Led by Kreyòl at NYU instructor professor Wynnie Lamour, it gathered from her background and experience teachingContinue reading “The Second 2020 Teaching Fellows Session – #MotherTonguesUnited: What Historically Undervalued Languages Teach Us About Freedom”

CLACS Events this Week Spotlight Indigenous Film and Women Leaders of our Region

This week from October 27th through the 30th, CLACS will be featuring insightful programming meant to spotlight indigenous film resources and archival research, the healing power of the written word and women of the Caribbean telling their stories, and lessons learned of social change from Indigenous Lideresas in Colombia. All of these events are beingContinue reading “CLACS Events this Week Spotlight Indigenous Film and Women Leaders of our Region”

Cuban and Brazilian Film Featured this Week at CLACS

As we start the Fall semester, in the first week of the season, CLACS will be hosting public programming highlighting Latin American/Caribbean film, from Cuba and Brazil, featuring the scholarly work and commentary of faculty member Dylon Robbins. On Monday, September 28 at 6pm, we will be hosting the launch of Guillén Landrián o elContinue reading “Cuban and Brazilian Film Featured this Week at CLACS”

NYU’s Kalman Silvert: Engaging Latin America, Building Democracy Event Re-cap

CLACS wants to thank all those who attended our 50th Anniversary Inaugural Reception and book talk that celebrated the contributions of Latin Americanist and founding CLACS Director Dr. Kalman Silvert. Silvert’s family and scholars scholars including Jorge Balán, Abraham F. Lowenthal, Chris Mitchell, Martin Weinstein were among those who joined us in the celebration. The panelists presented the book “KalmanContinue reading “NYU’s Kalman Silvert: Engaging Latin America, Building Democracy Event Re-cap”

Andean Culture Night

Last night we celebrated Andean culture at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center. The Runasimi Outreach Committee and Center for Latin American Studies hosted various community groups and artists representing Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia for the last Quechua night of the year. Participants included: Ñukanchik Llakta Wawakuna dancing Kawsay La Vida and reading aContinue reading “Andean Culture Night”

Iskay waynuchukuna ayllunkupi raymikunanmanta riqsirichiwanchik

Ignacio Acebo Wañuma baja-Sucremanta, Mario Agredataq Tikirpaya-Cochabambamanta. Paykuna ayllukunankupi raymikunamanta willariwanchik. Ignaciop ayllunpiqa iskay jatun raymikuna raymichakun, jukninqa rupha mit’api “Carnaval” juknintaq chiri mit’api “Tata Santiago” Carnavalpiqa tukuy runakuna pachamamaman, wak’akunaman q’uwanku ch’allaykurinku ima ñin. Chantapis achkha mikhunata wakichinku, tukuy mikhuntutaq tusunkutaq. Chiri mit’api raymitaq rikhuriq tata Santiagop sutinpi ruwakun. Achkha tusuqkuna may sumaqta tusunku.Continue reading “Iskay waynuchukuna ayllunkupi raymikunanmanta riqsirichiwanchik”

CLACS ’03 Alum’s Newest Book on the Lasting Immigrant Legacy of Mexico’s Cristero War

Written by CLACS MA Candidate Patrick Moreno-Covington In popular conceptions, immigrants are often thought of as poor, huddled masses yearning for the opportunity that awaits them in their new country. More recent images and ideas composed in times where immigration restrictions have increased focus on the sources of violence and poverty immigrants are often leaving.Continue reading “CLACS ’03 Alum’s Newest Book on the Lasting Immigrant Legacy of Mexico’s Cristero War”

Ethnographies of “Culturas Indígenas Preservadas”

Posted by Oscar Marquez, Doctoral Student in American Studies, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU I will be spending six weeks in Guadalajara as a guest researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores de Antropología Social (CIESAS) to conduct preliminary research for my dissertation. I will be conducting archival and (hopefully)Continue reading “Ethnographies of “Culturas Indígenas Preservadas””

Inti Raymi: Reciprocity and Anti-Colonial Symbolism

Posted by Dusty Christensen – MA Candidate at CLACS / Global Journalism at NYU For many indigenous residents of the Andes, the Inti Raymi festival is one of the most important celebrations of the year. Celebrating the summer solstice, this festival has its origins firmly rooted in pre-Colombian times. In Cotacachi, Ecuador, where I conductedContinue reading “Inti Raymi: Reciprocity and Anti-Colonial Symbolism”

(Re)Defining Mestizaje in Mexico City

Written by Patrick Moreno-Covington CLACS MA Candidate  Stepping out of customs and into one of the many cabs queued up outside of Mexico City’s Benito Juárez airport, I became immediately consumed by all things Chilango. Street performers and vendors at traffic lights, insane amounts of traffic, delicious spits of marinated pork known as al Pastor slowlyContinue reading “(Re)Defining Mestizaje in Mexico City”