Personal Narratives of Violence in Colombia – #3

My research period in Colombia is soon coming to an end, and I still want to do so many things here. I have finished searching the catalog at the library, and I found several texts that might be helpful for my project. That part of my work has gone as planned and has been relativelyContinue reading “Personal Narratives of Violence in Colombia – #3”

Bikes Races and Sancocho…Only in Colombia.

After being in Colombia for two weeks and having some bad luck trying to find anything that resembles a bike race, I finally made it to local race on Sunday that ended in the town of La Union. The bike race, aptly named “The Second Annual, Let’s Eat Lunch in the Park”, ended in LaContinue reading “Bikes Races and Sancocho…Only in Colombia.”

Personal Narratives of Violence in Colombia – #2

I have spent four weeks in Colombia, and my work is going well. I have collected some bibliography that I hope will be very useful for my dissertation proposal. It includes some literary criticism about the authors I intend to study, about literature and violence in Colombia, and about the Colombian armed conflict. After monthsContinue reading “Personal Narratives of Violence in Colombia – #2”

Personal Narratives of Violence in Colombia

I have spent almost two weeks in Colombia. Although I have encountered some obstacles—my luggage did not arrive with me and there was an episode of food poisoning that took me out of business for a few days—it has been a very fruitful trip. My purpose for the month and a half that I willContinue reading “Personal Narratives of Violence in Colombia”