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El Salvador Accords 2016 Conference Videos and Transcripts Now Available

Link to Videos and Transcripts

A year in the making on Spring 2016, NYU’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) and Columbia’s Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) presented “From War to Politics: An International Conference on El Salvador’s Peace Process.” This was a remarkable convening of stakeholders in the signing of the peace accords that ended the civil war in El Salvador. The conference, which was sponsored by various institutions including the Department of History at NYU, the Office of the Provost at NYU and Columbia University, provided the opportunity for a candid public conversation between sometimes opposing parties and regional players in the war and to reflect about the conflict, share insights about the historic resolution and explore the current consequences in El Salvador of the vestiges of war.


Almost a year after the three-day gathering that included 20 participants, the full videos that were live streamed worldwide at the time and the transcriptions of those conversations are available for all to see and explore through this link. We understand these documents to be sources for a new understanding of the process and a contribution on scholarship in topics such as History of the Americas, the Cold War, Conflict Resolution, International Relations, Human Rights, among many others.

Special thanks to Will Hogue of Fordham University and CLACS Graduate Assistants Michael Cary and Diego Cristian Saldaña for their work in these efforts.

CLACS Collaborates Across New York City

what moves you?

what moves you? logo – Created by Mexican designer Antonio Sánchez

CLACS hosts events and collaborates on exciting education initiatives with diverse organizations and education centers throughout New York City.

Indocumentales/Undocumentaries, the US/Mexico Interdependent Film Series, is an itinerant film and dialogue series on immigration and related issues and has been an ongoing CLACS partner. We frequently co-host film screenings and discussions on issues related to immigration and Mexico. Many of these series are co-hosted by what moves you?, another partner organization that produces  educational media that render complex global issues relevant and accessible to a diverse, international public. Cinema tropical, an organization that distributes, programs, and promotes Latin American films across the U.S., has also partnered with CLACS and what moves you? on film screenings.

CLACS has also worked closely with the America’s Society, a  forum dedicated to education, debate, and dialogue in the Americas on events, as well as  El Museo del Barrio, which recently  partnered with CLACS on a K-12 education event and film screening.

In addition to organization partners, CLACS also works closely with local academic institutions. Columbia University’s Institute of Latin America Studies (ILAS) is an ongoing partner that co-hosting events, and provides cross-registration for opportunities for  NYU and Columbia University students. CLACS also partners with the New School Ovservatory on Latin America (OLA), and the Columbia University Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, the Barnard Forum on Migration, and Lehman College.

Visit the CLACS website to learn more, or to contact us if you are interested in partnering with CLACS.