(Re)Defining Mestizaje in Mexico City

Written by Patrick Moreno-Covington CLACS MA Candidate  Stepping out of customs and into one of the many cabs queued up outside of Mexico City’s Benito Juárez airport, I became immediately consumed by all things Chilango. Street performers and vendors at traffic lights, insane amounts of traffic, delicious spits of marinated pork known as al Pastor slowlyContinue reading “(Re)Defining Mestizaje in Mexico City”

Women in Usos y Costumbres Governments III: The Fiesta for the Virgen de Asunción

As part of the fieldwork for my thesis on the role of women in traditional indigenous usos y costumbres-style governments in Oaxaca, Mexico, I had the opportunity to flex my participant-observation skills and attend the fiesta for the Virgen de Asunción in Santa Catarina Lachatao. Lachatao is a small town with few educational or jobContinue reading “Women in Usos y Costumbres Governments III: The Fiesta for the Virgen de Asunción”

Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes: Part I

The focus of my thesis is on Quechua language, culture and media. During winter break last January, I went to Lima and met with Chirapaq headquarters, an NGO in Peru that supports indigenous culture. One of their oldest projects is “Sapinchikmanta,” which means “From our roots” in Quechua. This project trains people in Ayacucho andContinue reading “Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes: Part I”

Bonus Track: Malayerba y la dramaturgia colectiva

No quería dejar pasar la oportunidad de postear sobre una grata sorpresa que me trajo mi viaje de investigación durante el verano. Aunque la generosa beca Tinker solamente pudo cubrir mi viaje a Lima y Bogotá, quiso la casualidad que el tercer país que anhelaba visitar viniera a mí. Gracias a coordinaciones con dos amigosContinue reading “Bonus Track: Malayerba y la dramaturgia colectiva”

Newcomers in New York: The Interview Sessions

In keeping align with my methodological approach utilizing multimedia to conduct collaborative ethnography; the latest installments of the project were interview workshops.  In general, skill development workshops are a major component of this project.  The workshops focus on creative reconnaissance and technological skill building activities.  The participants and I work together (and with local experts) toContinue reading “Newcomers in New York: The Interview Sessions”

Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani: Creación colectiva y memoria colectiva

La casa del Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani – o “los Yuyas” como el tiempo y el cariño les ha dado como nombre – se encuentra en el antiguo distrito de Magdalena, cerca del mar limeño. Desde esta casona republicana han salido y a esta casa han ingresado los materiales humanos y culturales que alimentan una historiaContinue reading “Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani: Creación colectiva y memoria colectiva”

“Me Siento Mas Boliviano Que Nunca”: Interviews and Observations on the Soccer Field

For my final research post, I wanted to share a bit about one of the most important parts of my project: to conduct both interviews and participant observation with a Bolivian soccer league in Buenos Aires. As with much of my research, where exactly this would take place depended much on the contacts I madeContinue reading ““Me Siento Mas Boliviano Que Nunca”: Interviews and Observations on the Soccer Field”

Understanding “la colectividad boliviana” in Buenos Aires Within a Greater/Global Context

Benedict Anderson, best known as the author of Imagined Communities,  asserts that newspapers can provide the “technical means for ‘re-presenting’ the kind of imagined community” that an immigrant community has created – in terms of my project, that the Bolivian community has created in Buenos Aires. Therefore, one of the facets of my research isContinue reading “Understanding “la colectividad boliviana” in Buenos Aires Within a Greater/Global Context”

Nationalism and Defiance

The University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras has historically been a flashpoint for confrontation and protests. Since 1948, when the students protested the University’s decision to ban Don Pedro Albizu Campos from speaking, it has been the center for leftist activism and a hub for independentistas of all stripes. During its history, the protestsContinue reading “Nationalism and Defiance”

Los Tres Santos Reyes juntos a Castro

Around Christmas time it’s a tradition in Puerto Rico to go from door to door until the wee hours of the morning singing and playing music—with guitars, trumpets, and panderos often accompanied by instruments of the pot and pan variety—until your friends open the door and give you food and refreshments. One of the mostContinue reading “Los Tres Santos Reyes juntos a Castro”