Veranopi, Peruman Risaqpuni Qhelqasaq Thesisniyta

Posted by Claretta Mills – MA Candidate at NYU CLACS For most of the past Spring semester, I had been repeating this one particular line, especially in my Quechua class examples; “Veranopi, Peruman risaqpuni qhelqasaq thesisniyta.” This translates to, “In the summer, I am going to Peru to write my thesis.”  Sure enough, a coupleContinue reading “Veranopi, Peruman Risaqpuni Qhelqasaq Thesisniyta”

Vicente Llimpinmanta Niwashanku

Maskaspa arteta Cuscopi, estudiantekuna NYUmanta Charlie Uruchima, Emily Thompson, ima, reqsinakuranku runasimita rimaq Vicente Huamán Pumahuallccanwan llank’aspa galerianpi. Kay audiopi, Vicente niwashanku sumaqmi llimpinmanta barrio San Blasneqpi. Buscando arte en Cusco, estudiantes de NYU Charlie Uruchima y Emily Thompson conocieron al Quechua hablante y artista Vicente Huamán Pumahuallccan trabajando en su estudio de arte. EnContinue reading “Vicente Llimpinmanta Niwashanku”

Emilio, Mario, Américo, ima Harawitamanta Rimanku

Runasimita yachaspa kay veranopi Cuscopi, estudiantekuna NYUmanta Emily Thompson, Charlie Uruchima, ima reqsinakuranku huk poetawan. Paypa sutin Emilio Carbajal. Kay audiopi kinsantin tinkunku iskay estudiantewan cafepi. Paykunaq sutinku Mario Antonio Cossío Olavide, Américo Mendoza-Mori, ima. Rimashanku kawsankumanta, runasimimanta, hawaritamanta ima. Estudiando Quechua este verano en Cusco, los estudiantes de NYU Emily Thompson y Charlie UruchimaContinue reading “Emilio, Mario, Américo, ima Harawitamanta Rimanku”

4th of July in Cusco, Peru

Since it’s America Day, I thought I would write a blog post about privilege. While I ate Doritos, deviled eggs, ice cream, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs today, I thought about some of the experiences I’ve had here that have made me both terrified and very appreciative. Here is one story: Our volunteers haveContinue reading “4th of July in Cusco, Peru”

Community Development in Cusco, Peru

June 16, 2012. Bienvenidos from chilly Cusco! I’m writing from Casa Campesina, a lovely hostel in Cusco where 42 of our volunteers and many of their community members and a handful of students from the local university are training for their summer projects. Project Staff has spent the past few weeks preparing to place ourContinue reading “Community Development in Cusco, Peru”