The Second 2020 Teaching Fellows Session – #MotherTonguesUnited: What Historically Undervalued Languages Teach Us About Freedom

by Marchita Primavera, CLACS MA Candidate On Saturday, October 10 we had our second session of the Teaching Fellows program where we enjoyed a great discussion and presentation titled #MotherTonguesUnited: What Historically Undervalued Languages Teach Us About Freedom. Led by Kreyòl at NYU instructor professor Wynnie Lamour, it gathered from her background and experience teachingContinue reading “The Second 2020 Teaching Fellows Session – #MotherTonguesUnited: What Historically Undervalued Languages Teach Us About Freedom”

Welcoming our 2020 CLACS Teaching Fellows Program Cohort

by Marchita Primavera, CLACS MA Candidate On Saturday, September 12, the 2020 Teaching Fellows cohort held its first meeting of the year-long program, and we are excited to report that it was a success. The virtual meeting was attended by ten K-12 educators of diverse disciplines (history, language, and math), and various grade levels, whoContinue reading “Welcoming our 2020 CLACS Teaching Fellows Program Cohort”

Gladyswan Andreswan

Kay rimaypi Chimore llaqtapi Gladyswan tata Renewan parlarichkanku. Ñawpaqtaqa tata rene pichus kasqanta riqsirichikun. Chantaqa imatachus chay UNIBOL jatun yachay wasipi yachachisqanmanta parlarin, astawampis ñawpaq yuyaykuna mana chinkananmanta. Chantataq ima pachapichus sach’a k’utunamanta parlaspa tukuchin. En este diálogo Gladys y don Rene están conversando en Chimoré, un pueblo en Bolivia central. Primero, don Rene daContinue reading “Gladyswan Andreswan”

Warisata en Imágenes: The Right to an Emancipatory Education

  ¡Paulo Freire Vive! The Right to an Emancipatory Education, at Risk in Latin America and the Caribbean Discussion and photographic exposition of Warisata: the experience of the indigenous “escuela núcleo” in Bolivia. September 19, 2017 The Ayllu School of Warisata in Bolivia, despite its short operative life (1931-1940), has been one of the mostContinue reading “Warisata en Imágenes: The Right to an Emancipatory Education”

Museum Education in ‘La Llajta’

Posted by Arlean Dawes – MA Candidate at CLACS /Museum Studies Concentration at NYU Cochabamba, the third largest city in Bolivia is affectionately referred to as ‘La Llajta’ which in the Quechua language means community or town. The name Cochabamba itself also derives from Quechua. La llajta has become my second home over the past several yearsContinue reading “Museum Education in ‘La Llajta’”

Rescuing Historical Memory in El Salvador

  How can the Salvadoran community rescue historical memory when there is such a divide in national/political identity? Focusing on how historical memory post civil war has affected the post-war generation, one begins to realize there has not been a clear practice to create historical memory in El Salvador. The governing party that held powerContinue reading “Rescuing Historical Memory in El Salvador”

Newcomers in New York: The Interview Sessions

In keeping align with my methodological approach utilizing multimedia to conduct collaborative ethnography; the latest installments of the project were interview workshops.  In general, skill development workshops are a major component of this project.  The workshops focus on creative reconnaissance and technological skill building activities.  The participants and I work together (and with local experts) toContinue reading “Newcomers in New York: The Interview Sessions”

Estudia y DESOBDC: the Higher Education Debate in Colombia

I wasn’t in Bogotá for last year’s spate of student strikes and protests, nor have I seen its student movement in action. Its wake, however, is everywhere. The graffiti doesn’t last long in the ritzier areas of the city. It’s wiped off advertisements rather quickly; the pretty woman declaring her desire to “estudiar” from theContinue reading “Estudia y DESOBDC: the Higher Education Debate in Colombia”

Announcing the 2012 Teacher Residency Program

The CLACS Teacher Residency Program is a unique opportunity for New York City educators interested in professional and curriculum development on Latin America and the Caribbean. The program aims to provide a space for teachers to grow their own knowledge base, gather and create accessible and engaging teaching materials, and share materials with other educators.Continue reading “Announcing the 2012 Teacher Residency Program”

Profile: David Hanna of the CLACS Teacher Residency Program

As part of our K-12 Outreach, CLACS hosts a teacher residency program, attracting local educators who are interested in enhancing the Latin American studies curricula in their classrooms. David Hanna, a history teacher at University Neighborhood High School in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, teaches Regents prep courses in both Global and U.S. History, as well asContinue reading “Profile: David Hanna of the CLACS Teacher Residency Program”