An Alternative Narrative of Development

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Bolivian President Evo Morales called for a more inclusive “people-centric” global development agenda that included acquiring control of natural resources for the benefit of all. The day before, CLACS students and guests heard a very different story about the Morales government’s inclusion of indigenous groups inContinue reading “An Alternative Narrative of Development”

The Road to Everywhere: The Geopolitics of the TIPNIS Conflict

At first glance, the TIPNIS road seems to be a domestic issue affecting only Bolivia. Those in favor of the road argue for national development and connectivity, while opponents propose harmonious development that favors the rights and territory of the TIPNIS’s indigenous groups in accordance with Bolivia’s 2009 Constitution. The reality of globalization forces aContinue reading “The Road to Everywhere: The Geopolitics of the TIPNIS Conflict”

Bolivia’s Process of Change in International Perspective

 La Paz’s Sopocachi and San Jorge neighborhoods extend well beyond city limits. As the home to many foreign embassies in Bolivia, a walk through these neighborhoods is a trot around the world. One embassy towers over its immediate neighbors, although for all intents and purposes it is empty, standing as a colossal shell without anContinue reading “Bolivia’s Process of Change in International Perspective”