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Teaching in the Freshman Honors Program

Three CLACS professors are going to teach in the Freshman Honors Program next semester. They explained why their field is particularly important to share with first year college students.

pamela calla

Pamela Calla, an anthropologist, Visiting Associate Professor at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU and director of the Observatory on Racism of the Universidad de la Cordillera in La Paz, Bolivia, is going to teach the course Women in Social Movements in Latin America.

The overarching theme of this seminar is the exploration of women’s political agency in terms of emancipatory thought and action in diverse social movements throughout Latin America.
More concretely, the course focuses on indigenous and other popular sectors as well as middle class movements concentrating on the ways in which women bring new meanings and vitality to diverse forms of struggle in these movements. A central consideration in this exploration is the historical relation between movements and states and the gendered logics that enter in the negotiations between the two.

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