Ecatepec as Mexico City’s Peripheral Edge

Posted by Nidia Bautista – MA Candidate in Global Journalism and CLACS at NYU Sitting in a cafe in the heart of Mexico City, my source, a high school teacher and organizer working in Ecatepec, Mexico State (Edomex), describes the most populous municipality in the country as a perfect example of the peripheral edge. EcatepecContinue reading “Ecatepec as Mexico City’s Peripheral Edge”

Traveling Alone and Being (Sometimes Reasonably) Afraid

Posted by Isabel Caballero-Samper – MA Candidate at CLACS / Global Journalism at NYU   A year and a half ago, when two Argentinian backpackers were murdered in the Ecuadorian beach town of Montañita, the hashtag #viajosola (I travel on my own, conjugated in the voice of a woman) became popular throughout Latin America. MariaContinue reading “Traveling Alone and Being (Sometimes Reasonably) Afraid”

Meeting “The Queen”: Sex Work and Women

When I met MJ, a sex worker, we spent almost eight hours talking. She has a delicious sense of humor; she has a joke for everything- “perhaps to make life more livable” –she says.  We were sitting at a grocery store in the north of Bogotá, in the middle of a huge street, where carsContinue reading “Meeting “The Queen”: Sex Work and Women”

A Brothel from the South of the Global South

I went to El Dandy for the first time on a Wednesday night. El Dandy is a brothel where only biological women work. It is the only brothel within the zone, but it is divided into two separate locals, owned by the same people. The brothel is nothing like those in Hollywood movies. It isContinue reading “A Brothel from the South of the Global South”

Women in Usos y Costumbres Governments II: Teotitlán del Valle’s First Female Municipal Secretary

“I am the first female municipal secretary in my town,” Teotitlán del Valle, says Fatima Antonio González. She was named to the position by the current municipal president at 23 years old in 2010. As municipal secretary, she deals with community records and documents. Teotitlán del Valle is one of 418 towns governed by theContinue reading “Women in Usos y Costumbres Governments II: Teotitlán del Valle’s First Female Municipal Secretary”

Women In Usos y Costumbres Governments I: Masculinity Workshops

I’m in Oaxaca, Mexico for the summer doing research for my thesis on the role of women in traditional indigenous usos y costumbres-style governments. Oaxaca has 418 towns that are run by usos y costumbres, a form of government recognized by the state constitution. In these communities, only 18 women have ever become president (theContinue reading “Women In Usos y Costumbres Governments I: Masculinity Workshops”

Human Trafficking is a New Crime for Peruvian Justice

I came to Peru to study how the illegal mining for gold in Madre de Dios province, on the Peruvian border with Brazil and Bolivia, has increased prostitution and human trafficking. The weak presence of the state, combined with the opening of the Interoceánica highway, the growth of illegal mining for gold, the trafficking ofContinue reading “Human Trafficking is a New Crime for Peruvian Justice”

Newcomers in New York: The Interview Sessions

In keeping align with my methodological approach utilizing multimedia to conduct collaborative ethnography; the latest installments of the project were interview workshops.  In general, skill development workshops are a major component of this project.  The workshops focus on creative reconnaissance and technological skill building activities.  The participants and I work together (and with local experts) toContinue reading “Newcomers in New York: The Interview Sessions”

Exploring State-Civil Society Interactions in Buenos Aires

It is hard to believe how fast my month of research passed. While in Buenos Aires, I worked at a local ANSES office to learn about the effects of Asignacion Universal por Hijo (AUH), a conditional cash transfer, on women’s empowerment. Interviewing recipient women brought me to see that, in many cases, the grant helpsContinue reading “Exploring State-Civil Society Interactions in Buenos Aires”

Searching in Buenos Aires: a Story from the Field on Hunting for Contacts, Answers, and Conclusions

Last year’s Tinker grant recipients stressed the importance of persistence while in the field. For the most part, I’ve been getting in touch with exactly the contacts I’d been hoping to find, but some people have been more difficult to track down. What really brought me to my research question, whether or not Asignacion UniversalContinue reading “Searching in Buenos Aires: a Story from the Field on Hunting for Contacts, Answers, and Conclusions”