African Diaspora in the Americas as the Focus of Upcoming CLACS Events

Written by William Ramirez, NYU CLACS MA Candidate In April and May CLACS will be featuring a series of exciting events focusing in the history, culture, and current affairs of the African Diaspora experience in the Americas. These will feature insightful discussions with distingished scholars, performances by renowned artists, and experts on the topics ofContinue reading “African Diaspora in the Americas as the Focus of Upcoming CLACS Events”

Spring Colloquium 2015 – Marlene Daut and the Racial Discourse of Haitian Print Culture

Written by CLACS MA Student Patrick Moreno-Covington As scholars, there is always a hint of uncertainty as to where the fruits of our research will take us. We can so easily start from one time period, community or region and end up “across the world” two or three centuries removed. That is certainly the caseContinue reading “Spring Colloquium 2015 – Marlene Daut and the Racial Discourse of Haitian Print Culture”

Spring 2015 Colloquium: Latin American Independence in the Age of Revolution

On February 23rd, CLACS inaugurates its Spring 2015 Colloquium Series “Latin American Independence in the Age of Revolution” with a lecture by Sergio Serulnikov, Director of the Graduate Program in History at the University of San Andres in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His talk, titled “La crisis del orden colonial en Hispanoamérica,” will address crucial theoreticalContinue reading “Spring 2015 Colloquium: Latin American Independence in the Age of Revolution”

Teaching in the Freshman Honors Program

Three CLACS professors are going to teach in the Freshman Honors Program next semester. They explained why their field is particularly important to share with first year college students. Pamela Calla, an anthropologist, Visiting Associate Professor at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU and director of the Observatory on Racism ofContinue reading “Teaching in the Freshman Honors Program”

CLACS Kicks Off Spring Colloquium on Latin American Independence in the Age of Revolution

On Monday, CLACS hosted the first event of the Spring 2012 Research Colloquium series.  Ronald Briggs, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Cultures at Barnard College, presented on “Independence Pedagogy and the Cult of the Perfect Book.”  The event was well attended, and was a strong kick-off to the spring series! Each semester, CLACSContinue reading “CLACS Kicks Off Spring Colloquium on Latin American Independence in the Age of Revolution”

NYU Conference Highlights Innovative Haitian Research

On Monday, January 23, CLACS joined the Institute of French Studies, the Department of History, the Center for French Civilization and Culture, and La Maison Française to sponsor Roots and Branches: New Directions in Haitian Studies. The Haitian studies field has grown richer over the last several years and is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary; this conferenceContinue reading “NYU Conference Highlights Innovative Haitian Research”

Yale-NYU K-12 Summer Institute: Haiti-DR Relations

I think one of the most controversial days we spent in Santo Domingo was on Friday, July 14th. The activities planned focused on contemporary issues about the Dominican Republic and Haiti, including a panel discussion on contemporary perspectives about Haiti. I was especially looking forward to this event because my research project focused on Dominican-HaitianContinue reading “Yale-NYU K-12 Summer Institute: Haiti-DR Relations”

Biosand Filters, Tap-taps, and Tent Camps

My research on Biosand filter programs in Haiti continued this week when I met with Chris Rollings, Executive Director of the NGO Clean Water for Haiti (CWH).  CWH is located in Pierre Payen, a village on the coast near the city of Saint Marc in the central Artibonite Department, far from my home base inContinue reading “Biosand Filters, Tap-taps, and Tent Camps”

Biosand Water Filters in Léogâne, Haiti

I arrived in Haiti on June 2nd for a month of research on Biosand water filtration programs.  Aside from the inescapable heat and bucket showers, the first two weeks have been off to a great start. I am staying with the NGO All Hands Volunteers in Léogâne, a city about 18 miles outside of Port-au-Prince,Continue reading “Biosand Water Filters in Léogâne, Haiti”

NYU Student Launches Haiti Memory Project

Last summer, Claire Payton—inspired by the post-earthquake chaos she saw unfolding in Haiti—bought an audio recorder, packed her bags, and booked a flight to Port-au-Prince. Despite having studied Haiti extensively, her motivation to travel to Haiti was purely personal. She wanted to help tell people’s stories. Soon after arriving in Port-au-Prince, she developed contacts andContinue reading “NYU Student Launches Haiti Memory Project”