Actors Involved in the Human Trade

I arrived to Madre de Dios on July 1st. The same day the illegal and informal miners started a strike against a recent decree declared by the state (DL-1100), which ordered the process of formalization of the illegal extractivism and established a list of requirements for that formalization. According to the miners, those requirements wereContinue reading “Actors Involved in the Human Trade”

Human Trafficking is a New Crime for Peruvian Justice

I came to Peru to study how the illegal mining for gold in Madre de Dios province, on the Peruvian border with Brazil and Bolivia, has increased prostitution and human trafficking. The weak presence of the state, combined with the opening of the Interoce├ínica highway, the growth of illegal mining for gold, the trafficking ofContinue reading “Human Trafficking is a New Crime for Peruvian Justice”