Amawta Justina Nuñez Nuñez Niwanku Educación Intercultural Bilingüemanta Cuscopi

Kay audiopi, iskay estudiantekunaq sutin Emily Thompson, Charlie Uruchima, ima, rimanku amawta Justina Nuñez Nuñezwan Cuscopi. Pay llank’an escuela Pukllasunchispi. Kaypi kinsantin rimanku educación intercultural bilingüemanta Perupi. En este audio, la Profesora Justina Nuñez Nuñez de la escuela Pukllasunchis en Cusco habla con los estudiantes Emily Thompson y Charlie Uruchima sobre la educación intercultural bilingüeContinue reading “Amawta Justina Nuñez Nuñez Niwanku Educación Intercultural Bilingüemanta Cuscopi”

K-12 Educator Series Explores US/Mexico Relations

Early this past December, CLACS and what moves you? hosted a series of two K-12 Educator Workshops which focused on two films from the Indocumentales / Undocumentaries US-Mexico Film Series. The December 5th event included a screening of Farmingville; and the December 14th workshop focused on the film Which Way Home. The events featured anContinue reading “K-12 Educator Series Explores US/Mexico Relations”

CLACS and ILAS Collaborate on Intercultural Bilingual Education Conference

On October 6 and 7th, CLACS and ILAS at Columbia University co-hosted a conference at Teacher’s College on, “Reconstructing National Identities Conference – Intercultural Bilingual Education in Latin America.” The workshop topics ranged from the emergence of research and policy, international development and academic fields, and educational and social movements, and social and political actorsContinue reading “CLACS and ILAS Collaborate on Intercultural Bilingual Education Conference”

Kawsaypak Runashimiwan Kutinlla Muyurinkapak

Oscar Santillan hampiq Agatomanta kan. Agato llaqta Otavaloneqpi Ecuadorpi kan. Pay Ecuadorpi, Estados Unidospi ima, asqha ceremoniakunata ruwan. Kay audiopi, Oscar Christine Mladicwan, Charlie Uruchimawan ima, imaymanamanta rimashan. Paykuna educacion intercultural bilingüemanta, runasimimanta, Oscarpa llank’anan ima, rimashanku. Oscar Santillan es un curador de Agato. Agato es una comunidadcerca de Otavalo, Ecuador. Él hace muchas ceremoniasContinue reading “Kawsaypak Runashimiwan Kutinlla Muyurinkapak”

Dr. Gustavo Solis Fonseca Presents at Quechua Week

Dr. Gustavo Solis Fonseca is a professor at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and at the Center for Research and Applied Linguistics in Lima, Peru. He will also be speaking during NYU’s Quechua Week – December 13-17. Dr. Solis holds both a PhD and M.A in Linguistics, specializing in Amerindian languages. Dr. SolisContinue reading “Dr. Gustavo Solis Fonseca Presents at Quechua Week”