Colloquium Series Presentation: Irene Silverblatt

By Michael Cary, CLACS MA Student On Monday, February 1st, CLACS inaugurated the Spring 2016 Colloquium Series with a presentation by Irene Silverblatt. The theme for this semester’s colloquium series is “Political Imaginaries Across Latin America and the Caribbean” and Silverblatt, a professor of cultural anthropology at Duke University, spoke on race thinking and SpanishContinue reading “Colloquium Series Presentation: Irene Silverblatt”

Announcing the Spring 2016 Colloquium

By Brendan Fields, CLACS MA┬áStudent Beginning on February 1st at 6pm, CLACS will be hosting its research Spring colloquium series where top scholars will present current research in the field of Latin American Studies. The theme of the colloquium is “Political Imaginaries Across Latin America and┬áThe Caribbean.” “We chose this theme because it should allowContinue reading “Announcing the Spring 2016 Colloquium”