Quechua Short-film by CLACS Alumna Featured on May Sumak’s Second Day

By Alek Barbour, CLACS MA Candidate Coming off of its successful first day and workshop, the 5th annual May Sumak Quichwa film showcase continues this Friday, October 23rd. Starting at 8 pm ET and live-streamed through YouTube and on their website. The overarching theme for this Friday’s showcase is Ayllukunamata Yuyay (Memories of Community oContinue reading “Quechua Short-film by CLACS Alumna Featured on May Sumak’s Second Day”

CLACS lanza serie informativa sobre COVID-19 en lenguas indígenas y diaspóricas

Conversemos COVID-19 es una iniciativa producida por el Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos y Caribeños de NYU con el propósito de ofrecer información valiosa sobre la pandemia en las varias lenguas indígenas y diaspóricas más habladas en Nueva York.  La información es provista en video-cápsulas de 90 segundos narradas en 8 lenguas habladas por comunidades migrantesContinue reading “CLACS lanza serie informativa sobre COVID-19 en lenguas indígenas y diaspóricas”

CLACS Launches Indigenous and Diasporic Language COVID-19 PSA Series

The NYU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies has launched “Conversemos COVID-19” (“Let’s Talk COVID-19”), an initiative aimed at offering information about the pandemic in various indigenous and diasporic languages widely spoken in New York.

Quechua/Kichwa Film Showcase on the Road

From June 17th to the 19th the Quechua/Kichwa film showcase May Sumak! (How Beautiful!) is going on the road  to Washington, D.C. The showcase is a celebration of indigenous and community filmmaking in the Quechua languages spoken throughout the Andes and by immigrants in the United States. Created in 2015 by the CLACS student-led Runasimi Outreach CommitteeContinue reading “Quechua/Kichwa Film Showcase on the Road”

Inti Raymi: Reciprocity and Anti-Colonial Symbolism

Posted by Dusty Christensen – MA Candidate at CLACS / Global Journalism at NYU For many indigenous residents of the Andes, the Inti Raymi festival is one of the most important celebrations of the year. Celebrating the summer solstice, this festival has its origins firmly rooted in pre-Colombian times. In Cotacachi, Ecuador, where I conductedContinue reading “Inti Raymi: Reciprocity and Anti-Colonial Symbolism”

Communal Workdays in the Andes

Posted by Dusty Christensen – MA Candidate at CLACS / Global Journalism at NYU Early in the morning, before the daily summer winds start to howl, the music comes blaring out of the church loudspeaker. The guitars, charangos and flutes carry across the village of Turuku, waking everyone who wasn’t already out in the fields.Continue reading “Communal Workdays in the Andes”

Runakunapak Yuyaykuna Mamallaktakunapak Tandanakuy Wasibi

Mirian Masaquiza, kichwa warmi Ecuadormamallaktamanda, llankan Secretaría del Foro Permanente para las Cuestiones Indígenas nishkabi Mamallaktakunapak Tandanakuy Wasibi (ONU). Mirian rimagun ONU wasi Foro Permanente uku rurashkada runakunada sinchiyachigu. Shinalladik, kichwa shimida rimananin runa yuyay, kawsay kunada sinchiyachingu. Mirian Masaquiza, kichwa del Ecuador trabaja en la Secretaría del Foro Permanente para las Cuestiones Indígenas deContinue reading “Runakunapak Yuyaykuna Mamallaktakunapak Tandanakuy Wasibi”

Angel Tibán Guala Riman Llank’anan TVpi

Angel Tibán Guala Ecuador Mamallaktapi – Cotopaxi marcamanta Tv MICC canal 47 jayllita pushan. Kay rikuna willanaka “Movimiento Indígena y Campesino de Cotopaxi – MICC” tantanakuypakmi kan. Ñami kinsa yalli watakuna kari warmikunapak yuyaykunata kausaykunatapash ishkayshimipi rimashpa rikuchishpapash llankankuna.Cay rikuna jayllika chusku markakunapak wasikunamanmi yaykun. Angel Tibán Guala dirige la televisora comunitaria Tv MICC canalContinue reading “Angel Tibán Guala Riman Llank’anan TVpi”

Hoq Taki Rupaywan Nueva Yorkpa Metronpi

Kay audiopi, “Rupay” Christinewan, Emilywan ima, musicomanta riman. Ecuadormanta, “Rupay” musicota ruwan tukuy Nuevo Yorkpi, ichaqa kay takita Nueva Yorkpa metronpi takin. En el siguiente audio, el grupo “Rupay” conversa con Christine y Emily sobre música. “Rupay,” originarios de Ecuador, hace música por todos lados en Nueva York, pero esta canción la cantan en elContinue reading “Hoq Taki Rupaywan Nueva Yorkpa Metronpi”