Opening of Indocumentales Film Series: “Habla y Vota”

Indocumentales is a film and conversation series exploring the immigrant experience. This series is done in partnership with Cinema Tropical, and What Moves You?, and brings together educators, filmmakers, community activists, and the general public to discuss current issues of migration inspired by groundbreaking films. We will kick off our Indocumentales Film Series this year withContinue reading “Opening of Indocumentales Film Series: “Habla y Vota””

Cinco de Mayo Explored at CLACS

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated across the U.S. as a festive Mexican holiday, but it also has deep historical and cultural significance. At a CLACS K-12 Outreach event, author David Hayes Bautista presented his recently published book, El Cinco de Mayo: An American Tradition, which looks at the shifting meanings of Cinco de Mayo in historical perspective.  AccordingContinue reading “Cinco de Mayo Explored at CLACS”

Q & A with CLACS Alum Eva Sanchis

Eva Sanchis graduated from the CLACS  joint journalism M.A. program in 2003. At CLACS, she focused her research on media portrayals of Latino communities, and overall media coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean. Since then, she continues to focus on these issues, and has published her work extensively, She recently relocated to London, whereContinue reading “Q & A with CLACS Alum Eva Sanchis”