Indigenous Languages on the Airwaves

Posted by Ximena Málaga Sabogal, PhD student in Anthropology at NYU It is 3 am and, if I am to believe my cellphone, it is also -9°C in Puno, Peru. Even if there was heating in the place where I am staying (and there is none) I would probably still be cold. But my excitementContinue reading “Indigenous Languages on the Airwaves”

Runasimita Rimay Cochabambapi

Kay audiopi, yachachiq NYUmanta Gillian Gallagher, estudiante NYUmanta Neil Myler, ima rimanku Gladys Camacho Rioswan Cochabambapi, Boliviapi. Gladyspa p’anqanmanta kawsayninmanta parlanku. En este audio, la profesora de NYU Gillian Gallagher y el estudiante de NYU Neil Myler hablan con Gladys Camacho Rios en Cochabamba, Bolivia. En la entrevista hablan sobre la vida de Gladys yContinue reading “Runasimita Rimay Cochabambapi”

Many Types of Tacos, Many Types of Informalities

One of the challenges of conducting ethnographic fieldwork with street food vendors in Mexico City is that they are, necessarily, a dispersed and mobile population.  In the center of Mexico City alone, it is estimated that there are over ten thousand vendedores ambulantes[1], and there are many tens of thousands more strewn throughout the sprawlingContinue reading “Many Types of Tacos, Many Types of Informalities”