CLACS Student Interviews Bolivia’s Minister of Foreign Relations for the Latin America News Dispatch

CLACS M.A. student Juan Victor Fajardo recently interviewed Bolivia’s Minister of Foreign Relations, David Choquehuanca, for the Latin American News Dispatch. In the interview, Foreign Minister Choquehuanca spoke at length about Bolivia’s extradition request for ex-president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada to the U.S. government, and the future of lithium reserves in the Uyuni salt deposit. HeContinue reading “CLACS Student Interviews Bolivia’s Minister of Foreign Relations for the Latin America News Dispatch”

Q & A with CLACS Alum Eva Sanchis

Eva Sanchis graduated from the CLACS  joint journalism M.A. program in 2003. At CLACS, she focused her research on media portrayals of Latino communities, and overall media coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean. Since then, she continues to focus on these issues, and has published her work extensively, She recently relocated to London, whereContinue reading “Q & A with CLACS Alum Eva Sanchis”

CLACS Alum Sarah Garland Reports on Education

Sarah Garland’s first book, Gangs of Garden City, tells the story of Latino former gang members living in Long Island, NY. This book, and her prolific work as a journalist, are both connected to work she did as a CLACS M.A. student. Sarah participated in the joint CLACS / Journalism MA program supported by aContinue reading “CLACS Alum Sarah Garland Reports on Education”

CLACS congratulates recent MA graduates

CLACS MA graduates go on to work in museums, non-profit organizations, private companies, news and governmental agencies. They enter PhD programs, study law, and pursue their own independent initiatives. We are excited to offer congratulations to the following graduates: Franklin Steven Moreno Cristina Tamara Diaz-Carrera Lee Ann Evans Mariana Judith Pardes Omar Ramadan Karla PaolaContinue reading “CLACS congratulates recent MA graduates”