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All Settled In

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Con and I am a first year M.A. student at CLACS. I just graduated from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, with degrees in Political Science and International Studies and a minor in Spanish. I moved to New York City three weeks ago and living in Bushwick (Brooklyn) has proven to be a fun and interesting change. The past few weeks, I’ve been busy learning subway lines, checking out touristy spots (while trying to appear as a local), and savoring the last weeks of summer by trying out ice cream shops with my roommate.

As a first year student, new to CLACS, NYU, and NYC, I’m perpetually confused and anxious, but also enthusiastic and eager to be in a new place, to meet new people, and to challenge myself academically and personally.

From how I ended up at NYU and highlights from CLACS lectures to the best coffee shops around campus and goings on around town, I’ll be using this space to reflect on my daily experiences as a grad student. I look forward to sharing some of these experiences with you, and maybe even offering some tips on thriving in the labyrinths of NYU and NYC.

Elizabeth Con is an MA Candidate at CLACS at NYU

CLACS Student Interviews Bolivia’s Minister of Foreign Relations for the Latin America News Dispatch

CLACS M.A. student Juan Victor Fajardo recently interviewed Bolivia’s Minister of Foreign Relations, David Choquehuanca, for the Latin American News Dispatch.

In the interview, Foreign Minister Choquehuanca spoke at length about Bolivia’s extradition request for ex-president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada to the U.S. government, and the future of lithium reserves in the Uyuni salt deposit. He also commented on the lowland indigenous march in defense of the Isiboro Secure Reserve (TIPNIS), which occurred before the indigenous march successfully overturned the Bolivian government’s plan to build a major highway through the ecological reserve.

This interview, moreover, forms part of the preparatory steps to organize a panel discussion on, “Environmental Politics Under Evo Morales: Buen Vivir vs New Extractivism” in February 2012. This panel is a collaborative initiative of CLACS M.A. students and faculty.

The Latin America News Dispatch was founded by four graduate students in the Global Joint Master’s program in Journalism and Latin American Studies at New York University. L.A.N.D. produces original news stories about Latin America, the Caribbean, U.S. foreign policy, and Hispanics in the United States. Visit the website to sign up for “Today in Latin America”, a daily digest of news stories about Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latina/o immigration issues in the U.S.

Posted by Pamela Calla – Visiting Associate Professor at CLACS at NYU

Q & A with CLACS Alum Eva Sanchis

Eva Sanchis CLACS Alum

Eva Sanchis, CLACS Alum

Eva Sanchis graduated from the CLACS  joint journalism M.A. program in 2003. At CLACS, she focused her research on media portrayals of Latino communities, and overall media coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean. Since then, she continues to focus on these issues, and has published her work extensively, She recently relocated to London, where she works for the international NGO REDRESS. Here’s more about Eva, her time at CLACS, and her current work.

Q. What did you focus your research on at CLACS?

A. While completing my joint master’s program in Journalism and Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU, I had the opportunity to intern with two CNN primetime shows:  American Morning with Paula Zahn and Greenfield at Large. I also began working as a full-time reporter for El Diario-La Prensa, the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States, where I covered the Hispanic and Latin American and Spanish Caribbean communities in New York.  My thesis at CLACS was partly based on these experiences. It examined mainstream media portrayals of those communities in the United States as well as U.S. media coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Q. Is there any connection between your current work and your research at CLACS?

A. Yes, since I completed my M.A. in 2003, my journalistic career has been devoted to writing about Hispanic and Latin American and Spanish Caribbean communities.  An ongoing concern within my work has been to combat distorted perceptions of these communities in the U.S. mainstream media. After NYU, I became the Metro and National News editor at the New York-based El Diario-La Prensa, the U.S.’s second largest Hispanic newspaper.  As editor, I supervised coverage of local and national news, and major international stories such as the 2008 US presidential election, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the earthquake in Chile. Prior to being an editor, I was the New York City Hall Bureau chief for El Diario, and I also reported special coverage from Latin America as an IRP Johns Hopkins’ fellow.  I have written for El Diario and other publications such as the World Policy Journal, the Progressive magazine, and the Financial Times magazine. I was also an adjunct professor at CLACS, where I taught the course “Covering Latino Stories in the United States.”  Since I relocated to London in 2010, I have continued writing as a freelancer about these communities from Europe.

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CLACS Alum Sarah Garland Reports on Education

Sarah Garland

Sarah Garland

Sarah Garland’s first book, Gangs of Garden City, tells the story of Latino former gang members living in Long Island, NY. This book, and her prolific work as a journalist, are both connected to work she did as a CLACS M.A. student.

Sarah participated in the joint CLACS / Journalism MA program supported by a McCracken Fellowship, and graduated in 2004.  Her CLACS thesis focused on transnational cultural identity and gang culture in El Salvador.  During her time at CLACS she traveled to Mexico, and also did research in El Salvaor through an Oversees Press Foundation Grant.

Asked about the connection between her time at CLACS and her current work, she said, “the CLACS academic background was very helpful in giving me a way to think, and a deeper understanding of issues that – as a journalist – you might only learn about in a superficial way.”

Sarah has written for the The New York Times, Newsweek, Newsday, The New York Sun, The New York Post, The Village Voice, New York Magazine and Marie Claire. Currently, she is a staff writer at the Hechinger Report, a nonprofit news agency that does in-depth reporting on education.
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CLACS congratulates recent MA graduates

CLACS at NYUCLACS MA graduates go on to work in museums, non-profit organizations, private companies, news and governmental agencies. They enter PhD programs, study law, and pursue their own independent initiatives. We are excited to offer congratulations to the following graduates:

Franklin Steven Moreno
Cristina Tamara Diaz-Carrera
Lee Ann Evans
Mariana Judith Pardes
Omar Ramadan
Karla Paola Reyes
Ashley Georgia Roseberry
Maria Piedrahita Trimble
Rachel Elizabeth Brooks-Ames

Good luck with your future plans!

CLACS MA students to graduate

CLACS at NYUCLACS wishes the following graduates a celebratory congratulations on the completion of their degrees:

Amarylis Estrella
Alake Pilgrim
Christine Weible

Let us know about your future successes!

Congratulations to recent CLACS MA graduates

CLACS at NYU - MA program graduates

Asst. Prof. and Faculty Fellow Carmen Medeiros with CLACS graduates

CLACS extends a warm congratulations to eight MA students, who have completed their degrees as of this May 2010:

Erika Colijn
Christine Mladic
Elizabeth Jean Kelley
Mari Hayman
Bruna Charifker
Diana Van der Jagt
Alison Bowen
Marguerite Suozzi

May you find success in your future plans and projects!

CLACS congratulates MA graduates

CLACS would like to congratulate the following students who will be graduating in NYU’s January 2010 commencement ceremonies:

Jorge Dias Ceballos
Julia Furlan
Adriana Loeff
Tara Sabi
Arcynta Childs

Best of luck in your future endeavors!