A Mineral Archive

Posted by Ricardo Duarte Filho – PhD Student in Spanish and Portuguese at NYU Vi os montes, e eis que tremiam. E todos os outeiros estremeciam. Olhei para a terra e eis que estava vazia, sem nada nada nada. Carlos Drummond de Andrade – Triste Horizonte. This summer I am conducting a research about extractivismContinue reading “A Mineral Archive”

Exploring the Yareta of Northern Chile Through the Archives

Posted by Amanda Lotspike – MA Candidate at CLACS To write a story of the yareta is to start from its partial absence in the Chilean altiplano. It’s a hard thing to do. The yareta demands attention; it grows “like a tortoise—big and green”[1], a plant with almost animate qualities despite its resolute grounding inContinue reading “Exploring the Yareta of Northern Chile Through the Archives”

Bagua Not Forgotten

June 5 marked five years since the bloodshed in the Peruvian city of Bagua, situated in the Amazon. The Peruvian government negotiated a Free Trade Agreement with the United States that came into effect in February of 2009. It gave mining corporations special rights to access the Amazon for oil exploration and subsequent exploitation.  ThereContinue reading “Bagua Not Forgotten”