Chilean Popular Poetry and Biblical Psalms

by Fernanda Martinez Varela, MA scholar at MFA in Creative Writing in Spanish.  Shortly after arriving in Chile, I went to the public library of Doñihue in order to search for bibliographic material and, fortunately, there I met Santiago Figueroa Torres; a folklorist, researcher and expert in popular music. Talking informally while drinking coffee, IContinue reading “Chilean Popular Poetry and Biblical Psalms”

Upcoming Events November 6-11, 2017

CLACS has yet another jam-packed week of events for you to attend, engange with, reflect on, and enjoy. If you are unable to attend the event in person, check out our facebook page, because there is a good chance that there will be a live-stream. This week, events range from critically analyzing the aftermath of hurricanesContinue reading “Upcoming Events November 6-11, 2017”

De la palabra escrita a la palabra hablada

Una primera aproximación a la poesía dominicana reciente Adalber Salas Hernández, PhD Candidate at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, NYU Proviniendo de un contexto hispanoparlante, el deseo de estudiar la poesía escrita en español en el Caribe no siempre implica una tarea sencilla. Especialmente si uno ha decidido estudiar el trabajo de poetas jóvenes, queContinue reading “De la palabra escrita a la palabra hablada”

CLACS Hosts Series on the Legacy of Brazilian Slavery

Written by CLACS MA Candidate Constanza Smita Ontaneda Rehman-Khedker Tomorrow, Thursday April 30th, CLACS will be proud to host a series of events on Brazilian Quilombos, with a live performance by Rio de Janeiro’s Maga Bo and BNegão. These two consecutive events are part of a larger series that focuses on the history, culture, andContinue reading “CLACS Hosts Series on the Legacy of Brazilian Slavery”

A Visual Journey Through Afro-Latin Soundscapes

During the Fall 2013 semester, Professor Dylon Robbins taught the interdisciplinary seminar Afro-Latin Soundscapes. In the accompanying colloquium series, CLACS hosted a series of musicians and scholars that spoke of the way music crosses cultural boundaries. Without mixers and soundboards the songs have taken on a organic sound that has helped shape hip-hop’s role asContinue reading “A Visual Journey Through Afro-Latin Soundscapes”

Afro-Latin Soundscapes: Cyro Baptista

On Monday, December 9th, CLACS hosted its last lecture of the Fall 2013 research colloquium series, “Afro-Latin Soundscapes.” The lively performance and subsequent talk was led by Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista, an award-winning recording artist who has worked with various musicians within different genres, including Yo-Yo Ma, John Zorn, and Carlos Santana – just toContinue reading “Afro-Latin Soundscapes: Cyro Baptista”

Manuelcha Prado Runasimi Estudiantekunawan Tinkunakunku

Manuelcha Prado, NYU Intermediate Quechua classta watukuran. Chaypi, pay chit’i estudiantekunaq tapunankunata kutichiran. Paykuna Quechuamanta, Manuelchaq kawsanmanta, takinkunamanta ima payman tapuranku. Manuelcha Prado, visitó la clase de Quechua del nivel intermedio de NYU donde respondió las preguntas de los estudiantes curiosos sobre la lengua Quechua y su uso, sobre su vida artística y personal. ManuelchaContinue reading “Manuelcha Prado Runasimi Estudiantekunawan Tinkunakunku”

Manuelcha Prado Runasimi Rimaqkunawan Huñunakun

Octubrepi, iskay waranqa chunka iskayniyoq watapi, Manuelcha Prado New Yorkta hamuran. Manuelcha Prado hatun musico kan, pay allin reqsisqa “saqra guitarra” hina. Pay Ayacuchomanta. Kay audiopi, Manuelcha watukushan Odi Gonzalespa runasimi clasenta, New York Universitypi. Pay wakin runasimi rimaqkunata reqsin. Paykunaq sutinku Cara, Hope, Lorena, Steven, Doris, Lucía, Michael, Alexis, David, Michael ima. Paykuna rimashanku,Continue reading “Manuelcha Prado Runasimi Rimaqkunawan Huñunakun”

Manuelcha Prado Delights NYU & New York

During the week of October 21-26 the students and faculty of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) at NYU, as well as the broader NYU community had the privilege to meet renowned Andean musician, Manuelcha Prado. Born in Puquio in the department of Ayacucho, Peru, Manuelcha Prado is widely heralded as oneContinue reading “Manuelcha Prado Delights NYU & New York”

Fundación Almamanta

Kay audiopi, paqarichiq Cristal Downing riman fundacionninmanta. Fundacionnin sutin Alma, llank’an erqekunawan latinoamericapi. Cristal estudiaran CLACSpi iskay watakunapaq, kunan pay Colombiaman tiyaq, llank’aq ima rinqa. En este audio, directora Cristal Downing habla de su fundación. La fundación se llama Alma, y trabaja con niños en latinoamérica. Cristal estudió en CLACS por dos años y ahoraContinue reading “Fundación Almamanta”