Patricio Navia Weighs in on How Latin Americans Vote

Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Fidel and Raul Castro – these charismatic leaders are not the first to capture the hearts and minds of Latin Americans. The legacy of left-wing populist leaders in Latin America has been studies by many scholars, such as Francisco Panizza, who spoke on the topic last fall at NYU. Some scholars, includingContinue reading “Patricio Navia Weighs in on How Latin Americans Vote”

Focus on Faculty: Patricio Navia

Patricio Navia is a faculty member at New York University’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. His research focuses on electoral systems, democratization and democratic institutions, with a particular focus on Chile. He is also professor of political science at the Instituto de Ciencias Sociales, director of the Magíster en Opinión Pública and foundingContinue reading “Focus on Faculty: Patricio Navia”