CLACS Alum at September 11th Tribute Center

Esther Mares is a CLACS graduate who is now a Collections Assistant at the Tribute World Trade Center Visitor Center. Esther graduated in January 2012 with an MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies with a concentration in museum studies. She landed a job in her field before she even completed her last semester. EstherContinue reading “CLACS Alum at September 11th Tribute Center”

Going Home To Do My Research

Since I’ve arrived in New Mexico four weeks ago, my topic has been continually shifting and evolving. I knew coming home to do my research might be challenging but I never anticipated how difficult the process would be. Not only am I faced with the daily distractions of a large and close family, but theContinue reading “Going Home To Do My Research”

Uncovering Missing Local Latino Histories in Northern New Mexico

A few days after arriving in New Mexico, I sat down to talk with a local historian and later an archivist at the state’s oldest museum. Both the historian and archivist were pessimistic about the possibility of finding any support for my topic. Determined, I spent days in the archive pouring over historical documents ofContinue reading “Uncovering Missing Local Latino Histories in Northern New Mexico”