Politics of the Popular Conference

With the rise of the Pink Tide during the last decade and due to the current unrest in a post-Hugo Chavez Venezuela, the question of populism has become ever more prominent for Latin American academics. On March 7th, CLACS invited nine guest scholars to share their recent research surrounding the issue of populism in LatinContinue reading “Politics of the Popular Conference”

Francisco Panizza: ‘Mas populista será tu abuela’

Dr. Francisco Panizza, a Senior Lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science, argues that Latin America’s political elite have used Populism to appeal to historically under-served and excluded communities. In his presentation at New York University on October 12, Panizza asserted that the term Populism has been over-used, has both positive andContinue reading “Francisco Panizza: ‘Mas populista será tu abuela’”

K-12 Curricular Materials Now Online

In Fall 2009 and Spring 2010, CLACS participated in a year-long collaboration with several high schools in the New York area. Through these partnerships, CLACS placed NYU graduate students into classrooms where they offered lectures on social justice, language arts, history and economics. Several of the guest lecturers then used their presentations as the basisContinue reading “K-12 Curricular Materials Now Online”