“Phuyup Yawar Waqaynin” Libromanta

Gladys Camacho Ríos kan lingüista, qillqaq ima Cochabamba-Boliviamanta. Pay qillqaran “Phuyup Yawar Waqaynin” librota. Kay podcastpi pay kutichin Charlie Uruchimap, Emily Thompsonpa (ima) libronmanta tapuykunankunaman. Kay libro riman Gladyspa Tata Faustinu Camacho Sotop llakiy kawsayninmanta, jaqay 1936manta 1970kama, Boliviapi. Gladys Camacho Ríos es una lingüista y escritora de Cochabamba, Bolivia. Ella escribió el libro: “PhuyupContinue reading ““Phuyup Yawar Waqaynin” Libromanta”

Jorge Saavedra, Elva Ambia ima Runasimita Kawsarichinankupaq Ruwashasqankumanta

Kay podcastpi Jorge Saavedra (Quechua en Miami), Elva Ambía (New York Quechua Initiative) ima rimanku Michael Abbottwan, Charlie Uruchimwan ima, imaynatachus runasimita erqe kashaspa yachakusqankumanta. Kunantaq, imatachus kay Estados Unidospi runasimita kawsananpaq ruwashasqankumanta, chaykunamanta ima rimanku. En este podcast Jorge Saavedra (Quechua en Miami) y Elva Ambía (New York Quechua Initiative) conversan con Michael AbbottContinue reading “Jorge Saavedra, Elva Ambia ima Runasimita Kawsarichinankupaq Ruwashasqankumanta”

Quechua Mugs and Tshirts for sale!

Allinllachu! We are excited to announce the arrival of Runa Simi Outreach Committee’s (ROC) promotional mugs and t-shirts. They will be available at all of our events for a limited time! Mugs are $15 each and t-shirts are $30. All of the proceeds from the sales of our new mugs and t-shirts go towards ourContinue reading “Quechua Mugs and Tshirts for sale!”

Quechua Celebration

The Runasimi Outreach Committee (ROC),  the Native American and Indigenous Students’ Group (NAISG) and the Movimiento Indígena organized Quechua Night and Celebration of Native Cultures. During the semester ROC hosted Quechua Conversation Nights and Quechua literature workshops with visiting scholar Gladys Camacho Rios.  They also publish a podcast series with interviews and conversation ins QuechuaContinue reading “Quechua Celebration”

Iskay Willaykunata Willariwanchik Gladys Camacho

Gladys Camacho kan lingüista Cochabambamanta Boliviamanta. Kay podcastpi iskay andino ñisqa willaykunata willariwanchik. Ñawpaq willaypiqa, Gladys iskay llulla wawakunamantawan unqusqa mamankumantawan willariqanchik. Qhipan willaypiqa, Gladys atuqmantawan kunturmantawan willariwanchik. Gladys Camacho es una lingüista boliviana de Cochabamba. En este podcast nos relata dos cuentos clásicos andinos. En el primer cuento nos relata sobre dos hijos mentirososContinue reading “Iskay Willaykunata Willariwanchik Gladys Camacho”

Quechua Bingo in Queens

A few days ago, we hosted our first BINGO night! We welcomed guests with any relationship to the Quechua languages at our event, which we held in Jackson Heights, Queens. We partnered with Pachamama Peruvian Arts, a non-profit that offers free traditional Peruvian dance and music instruction for youth in Queens. While they held theirContinue reading “Quechua Bingo in Queens”

Iskay Qelqaqkuna Boliviamanta New Yorkta Watukunku

Gladys Camacho, Felix Muruchi ima NYUta watukushanku. Iskaykuna kashanku Boliviamanta. Gladys watukushan Lingüística programata. Felix rimaran Evo Moralesmanta, politica Boliviamanta ima CLACSpi. Pay qelqaran huk librota hoq runakunawan, chay libroypa sutin Minero con poder de dinamita: La vida de un activista boliviano. Iskayninku watukunankumanta rimashanku NYU estudiante Charlie Uruchimawan. Gladys Camacho y Felix Muruchi visitanContinue reading “Iskay Qelqaqkuna Boliviamanta New Yorkta Watukunku”

Quechua Radio in the Southern Andes of Peru: Part II

In Part 1, I shared my experiences with Quechua radio in Huanta, Ayacucho. I continued my research by traveling to Vilcashuaman, a tiny, cold town high up in the puna, 11,350 feet above sea level. When the bus reached a mountain peak, the radio picked up a strong signal from Vilcashuaman’s main station, even thoughContinue reading “Quechua Radio in the Southern Andes of Peru: Part II”

Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes: Part I

The focus of my thesis is on Quechua language, culture and media. During winter break last January, I went to Lima and met with Chirapaq headquarters, an NGO in Peru that supports indigenous culture. One of their oldest projects is “Sapinchikmanta,” which means “From our roots” in Quechua. This project trains people in Ayacucho andContinue reading “Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes: Part I”

Leonel Menacho Willamantsi Achikay Willakuyta

Leonel Menachoqa hatun yachakiquqmi, qichwatawan ispañultam yachatsikun. Payqa Waras markapitam, paymi willamarqan Achikay willakuyta. Kay willakuytaqa llapan Anqash runakunam yachakuyan wamra kayanqanpita patsay. Tsaymi willakun imanaw ishkay pishi wamrakuna Achikaypita aywakuyanqanta, ashmakunapa yanapayninkunawan. Leonel Menacho, especialista en educación intercultural billingüe de Anchash-Perú, nos presenta el cuento Achique, un cuento muy popular en la comunidad quechuahablanteContinue reading “Leonel Menacho Willamantsi Achikay Willakuyta”