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New episode of Rimasun Podcast: Coronavirus Runasimipi Mast’arisqa

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Kay rimaymi “coronavirusmanta” mast’arin imayna ama hap’ichikunapaq ima. Julián Roca Aguilar, Perú suyumanta runasimi rimaqmi. Paymi “activista digital” nisqa imaymana rikch’aq rimanapi rimamun runasimi kawsananpaq willakamun ima llapa runasimi rimaq runakunapaq.

Este audio explica qué es el coronavirus y qué podemos hacer para evitar la transmisión. Julián Roca Aguilar es quechua hablante de Perú. El trabaja como activista digital, usando una variedad de medios de comunicación para promover el uso del idioma quechua e informando a la comunidad en su idioma originario.

This podcast explains what coronavirus is and how we can avoid spreading it. Julián Roca Aguilar is a Quechua speaker from Peru. As a digital activist, he uses a variety of media to promote the use of Quechua and to inform broader communities in his native language.

Click here to view Julián’s YouTube channel.


Iskay Willaykunata Willariwanchik Gladys Camacho

Rimasun Cochabamba Bolivia linguist andean tales quechua condor zorro clacs nyuGladys Camacho kan lingüista Cochabambamanta Boliviamanta. Kay podcastpi iskay andino ñisqa willaykunata willariwanchik. Ñawpaq willaypiqa, Gladys iskay llulla wawakunamantawan unqusqa mamankumantawan willariqanchik. Qhipan willaypiqa, Gladys atuqmantawan kunturmantawan willariwanchik.

Gladys Camacho es una lingüista boliviana de Cochabamba. En este podcast nos relata dos cuentos clásicos andinos. En el primer cuento nos relata sobre dos hijos mentirosos y su madre enferma. Seguidamente nos relata un cuento sobre el zorro y el cóndor.

Gladys Camacho is a linguist from Cochabamba, Bolivia. In this podcast she tells us two classic Andean stories. The first is a dramatic tale about two sons who lie to their sick mother and suffer the consequences. The second story is about the adventure of a condor and a fox.

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Patrocinio Lara Wakin Cumpankunawan Huñunakun Brooklynpi

Brooklyn Huancavelica Peru Quechua Rimasun Podcasts Free CLACS NYU Language Patrocinio Lara Huancavelicamanta kan. Huancavelica kan Perupi. Kay podcastpi, Michael Abbott, Christine Mladic Janney ima paywan rimashanku Brooklynpi. Pay imaynapi takiyta yachakuran, imaynapi llaqtanpa rayminkuna kashanku ima rimashan. Chaymanta, pay Elva Ambiawan huaynota takishan.

Patrocinio Lara, es original de un pueblo de Huancavelica, Perú. En este podcast habla con Michael Abbott y Christine Mladic Janney en Brooklyn. El cuenta de cómo aprendió canciones tradicionales de su pueblo, también nos habla de sus fiestas. Finalmente nos canta un huayno con Elva Ambia.

Patrocinio Lara was born in Huancavelica, Perú. In this podcast he talks with Michael Abbot and Christine Mladic Janney in Brooklyn about how he learned to sing, and about the traditional fiestas in his beloved hometown. He then sings a huayno with Elva Ambia.

Photo credit: Emily Thompson, 2013

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CLACS Launches Rimasun – Quechua Language Podcasts

CLACS is bringing Quechua, the ancient indigenous language of over 10 million individuals in the Andean region, one step further into the 21st century.  Rimasun, a Quechua language podcast, is now available free on iTunes.  When you subscribe to the podcast, each installment will be automatically delivered to your iTunes. Through Rimasun on iTunes, you can transfer podcasts to your iPod or other mp3 device, and enjoy Quechua conversations as you travel to work, ride the Subway, or any of your favorite Quechua listening settings.

Take a moment and check out the Rimasun iTunes page. Download, have a listen, and leave us a comment and a rating!  CLACS would love your feedback as we continue to develop this first ever CLACS Quechua podcast series.

More about Rimasun:

In these audio recordings and podcasts, speakers and students of Quechua are invited to share personal narratives about their families, homes, childhood, hobbies and interests. Our presenters are Quechua language teachers, students, native speakers, heritage speakers and second-language speakers. This series is produced by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) at NYU, and made available through the CLACS blog. While Rimasun relies primarily on Cuzqueñan Quechua, as this is the Quechua presently taught in language courses at NYU, we welcome speakers of all Quechua/Kichwa dialects and languages to enjoy and participate in this inclusive series.

Read more about Quechua language learning at NYU on the CLACS website.

Posted by Von Diaz – MA Candidate at CLACS / Global Journalism at NYU