‘Proximities/Distances’: Theatre, Performance, and Dance Conference

Creators and performers from all over Latin America and Spain will converge at the King Juan Carlos Center (KJCC) next week for ‘Proximities/Distances’, a two-day event that will explore ideas and practices of proximity and distance in contemporary Spanish and Latin American theatre, performance and dance. Drawing on the current interest in relational strategies and investigatingContinue reading “‘Proximities/Distances’: Theatre, Performance, and Dance Conference”

Announcing the Spring 2016 Colloquium

By Brendan Fields, CLACS MA Student Beginning on February 1st at 6pm, CLACS will be hosting its research Spring colloquium series where top scholars will present current research in the field of Latin American Studies. The theme of the colloquium is “Political Imaginaries Across Latin America and The Caribbean.” “We chose this theme because it should allowContinue reading “Announcing the Spring 2016 Colloquium”

Letters from Argentina: Fabricating the Experience of Migration

Posted by Cristina Colmena- PhD Candidate at Spanish and Portuguese Department NYU My project focused on the construction of identities through the correspondence of Spanish migrants who went to Argentina during the 1960´s under Francoism. My point of departure was the letters sent by Purificación Zahino to her family in Spain from 1962 to 1969.Continue reading “Letters from Argentina: Fabricating the Experience of Migration”

“Racism Does Exist – But I Have Never Experienced It”

I came to Spain to better understand the Ecuadorian immigrant experience in regards to racism and discrimination.  What I found was that racism does exist in Spain and it is apparent in the laws and policies constituted by the Spanish government.  While these laws and policies directly affect Ecuadorian immigrants, the Ecuadorian immigrants that IContinue reading ““Racism Does Exist – But I Have Never Experienced It””

From the Philippines to Flanders in the Ochavo Chapel, Puebla

Sitting in a spacious but sparsely furnished living room somewhere between Puebla and Cholula, chatting with three Germans, a Dutchman, and a Mexican, the subject of China came up. As we all marveled and prognosticated about its size, its culture, its history, and its role in the world economy, my thoughts turned to the 16thContinue reading “From the Philippines to Flanders in the Ochavo Chapel, Puebla”

La Crisis: Economy and Racism in Spain

Not only is Spain facing an economic crisis but the people here are expressing angst and frustration towards the government for its incompetence to aid its people.  The current Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy Brey, was sworn into office this past December.  While he has only been in office for 8 months, he hasContinue reading “La Crisis: Economy and Racism in Spain”

Ecuadorians on the Move: Money on the Mind

There are many things on the Ecuadorian mind here in Spain.  For many, their first and foremost reason for immigrating to Spain has been influenced by the economy or lack thereof in their home country.  Whether they are sending money back to their families in Ecuador or simply saving their money for their future, pastContinue reading “Ecuadorians on the Move: Money on the Mind”

CLACS Kicks Off Spring Colloquium on Latin American Independence in the Age of Revolution

On Monday, CLACS hosted the first event of the Spring 2012 Research Colloquium series.  Ronald Briggs, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Cultures at Barnard College, presented on “Independence Pedagogy and the Cult of the Perfect Book.”  The event was well attended, and was a strong kick-off to the spring series! Each semester, CLACSContinue reading “CLACS Kicks Off Spring Colloquium on Latin American Independence in the Age of Revolution”

Wrapping Up & Thinking Ahead: Memory Politics in Spain & Argentina

My two-month stay in Spain has been an invaluable research experience.  The opportunity to spend time in Madrid and Barcelona, to observe and participate in an exhumation, and to interview forensic scientists, photographers, artists, and archivists about the intersection of science, visual representation, and history has allowed me to gain a more nuanced understanding ofContinue reading “Wrapping Up & Thinking Ahead: Memory Politics in Spain & Argentina”

Documenting Science, Narrating Experience: The Use of Audiovisual Technologies in Forensics

Last weekend, I made a trip to San Sebastián to interview a member of the Aranzadi forensic team (Universidad del País Vasco) that oversaw the exhumation that I attended several weeks ago.  Responsible for filming exhumations and creating short narrative documentaries about individual investigations, the person that I interviewed explained how audiovisual documentation has beenContinue reading “Documenting Science, Narrating Experience: The Use of Audiovisual Technologies in Forensics”