Announcing the 2012 Teacher Residency Program

The CLACS Teacher Residency Program is a unique opportunity for New York City educators interested in professional and curriculum development on Latin America and the Caribbean. The program aims to provide a space for teachers to grow their own knowledge base, gather and create accessible and engaging teaching materials, and share materials with other educators.Continue reading “Announcing the 2012 Teacher Residency Program”

Profile: David Hanna of the CLACS Teacher Residency Program

As part of our K-12 Outreach, CLACS hosts a teacher residency program, attracting local educators who are interested in enhancing the Latin American studies curricula in their classrooms. David Hanna, a history teacher at University Neighborhood High School in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, teaches Regents prep courses in both Global and U.S. History, as well asContinue reading “Profile: David Hanna of the CLACS Teacher Residency Program”

Launching of the K-12 Teacher Residency Program

In September 2010, as part of its K-12 Outreach initiatives, CLACS launched the Teacher Residency Program. The Residency Program is structured, in part, on feedback from NYC teachers who have emphasized the need for more individualized support to develop their own teaching resources on Latin America. As part of their applications, teachers submitted individual researchContinue reading “Launching of the K-12 Teacher Residency Program”