Map and territory: LIFE TRANSLATED FOR OTHERS (3)

by Santiago Barcaza S., MFA Student When the Nobel Prize was given to Beckett, the Swedish Academy considered the set of his texts in English and French as a single work and at the award ceremony, its dedication to “one man, two languages and a third nation” [ Ireland].” Beckett is the self-translator who hasContinue reading “Map and territory: LIFE TRANSLATED FOR OTHERS (3)”

Sergio Mondragón and Collaborative Translation

  Posted by Zane Koss – PhD Candidate in English Literature at NYU On June 11th, I had the pleasure of meeting with Sergio Mondragón in the Coyoacán neighbourhood of Mexico City. My dissertation focuses on Mexican and Canadian poetry in the 1960s and 1970s, searching for meaningful connections between poets and means of readingContinue reading “Sergio Mondragón and Collaborative Translation”