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CLACS Partners with El Museo del Barrio on Indocumentales Film Screening

El Museo del Barrio

El Museo del Barrio - Photo by gfhdickinson on Flickr

On February 3rd East Harlem came together at El Museo del Barrio to explore the relationship between East Harlem and immigration. The event was coordinated by theĀ  education department of El Museo in collaboration with parent coordinators and school administrators in East Harlem. This event was the first part of a two-session program including a screening of Los Que Se Quedan, a 2008 documentary about families sharing their stories of loved ones leaving to the United States. The event was organized as a part of CLACS’s K-12 Outreach program and as part of the Indocumentales film series, co-founded by CLACS, Cinema Tropical, and what moves you?

Following the film, parents were encouraged to share their thoughts on the film. In particular, the group discussed elements of religious or family tradition they maintain today that are rooted in their place of origin.

“The discussion allowed the attendees to reflect on memories, traditions, and icons that have accompanied their own family trajectories,” says Jen Lewis, CLACS Assistant Director.

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