De la emergencia humanitaria compleja al COVID-19: la migración venezolana

Mikhael G. Iglesias L. – Candidato de Maestría, NYU CLACS Más de 5 millones de venezolanos han dejado su país a medida que la crisis humanitaria se ha ido agravando, buscando mejores condiciones de vida en países vecinos. Las oleadas de emigrantes han estado presionando a los gobiernos de la región para que examinen qué políticas adoptarContinue reading “De la emergencia humanitaria compleja al COVID-19: la migración venezolana”

Colloquium Series Part 2: Joshua Simon

On Monday, February 22nd at 6:00pm in the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, CLACS will welcome Columbia University’s Joshua Simon, who will present the second lecture of the Spring 2016 Colloquium Series, Political Imaginaries across Latin America and the Caribbean. Professor Simon’s talk, entitled “The Ideology of Creole Revolution: Imperialism and the Independence in American andContinue reading “Colloquium Series Part 2: Joshua Simon”

The Cinema of Venezuela 1995-2015: a screening and conversation about Venezuelan films.

Next Monday, October 5th is about Venezuelan films. At 6:00 p.m.  the King Juan Carlos Center’s auditorium will screen four short independent films (Nostalgia; La mula muerta, Colmillo, I Want to Shine) that address the everyday life, dreams, and stories of the people of the South American country. The event hopes to give an insight aboutContinue reading “The Cinema of Venezuela 1995-2015: a screening and conversation about Venezuelan films.”

Politics of the Popular Conference

With the rise of the Pink Tide during the last decade and due to the current unrest in a post-Hugo Chavez Venezuela, the question of populism has become ever more prominent for Latin American academics. On March 7th, CLACS invited nine guest scholars to share their recent research surrounding the issue of populism in LatinContinue reading “Politics of the Popular Conference”

WiPLASH Features Groundbreaking Research on Latin America

CLACS is committed to supporting – and disseminating – cutting-edge research on Latin America and the Caribbean across disciplines. In addition to ongoing events like the CLACS Research Colloquium, CLACS also co-hosts WiPLASH. Works in Progress in Latin American Society and History (WiPLASH) provides an interdisciplinary space for NYC Consortium students and faculty to presentContinue reading “WiPLASH Features Groundbreaking Research on Latin America”

Focus on Faculty: Alejandro Velasco

Alejandro Velasco is assistant professor of Latin American history in the Gallatin School at New York University, and a CLACS affiliated faculty member. Velasco teaches interdisciplinary courses that incorporate cultural studies, urban social movements and human rights, and 20th-century revolutions. In a recently published article, titled “ ‘Weapon as Powerful as the Vote’: Urban ProtestContinue reading “Focus on Faculty: Alejandro Velasco”

Honor, Gender and Blackness in Spanish America – #2

The week of July 18th was a very busy one. Since I found out that the Archdiocese’s archive was about to close to move to another site in about ten days I decided to focus on their material which I had never explored before. Exploring this archive also gave me the opportunity to make aContinue reading “Honor, Gender and Blackness in Spanish America – #2”

Honor, Gender and Blackness in Spanish America

I have been in Caracas for a week now. I traveled with my two daughters last Sunday on July 11th, while following the final game of the FIFA World Cup on monitors located both at the Philadelphia and Miami International airports. My plan is to stay in Caracas until Thursday August the 12th, a weekContinue reading “Honor, Gender and Blackness in Spanish America”